6 South Parade, LS6 3LF

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£110 (pppw)

For more information call us on 0113 230 6522

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 4 Bathroom
  • Available From date 01/07/2018

“No words… I want to live there” …. How our lettings manager described the property!!  And no wonder as this is a fantastic house, refurbished to the highest spec and with the added bonus of all of the bedrooms having en-suite bathrooms and TV’s in every room.  The finish on this house is excellent  and all of the bedrooms are large double bedrooms.  There is a really gorgeous, modern kitchen and a fantastic living room with a TV. The property is in a brilliant location, close the Headingley stadium, plenty of shops and loads of amazing restaurants and bars.

Property Map

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